Summer Lovin' Summer Fun

Let’s be real, if you’re living in Ireland the chances of having a proper summer are fairly slim.  It can bring us down, but we try to make the most of what summer fun we can salvage.  When the sun shines in Ireland, it’s like a whole other country.  But when there’s no sun, that doesn’t mean we just have to sit inside and watch the rain beat against the window.  Here are some things I like to get up to when there’s not much else you can do…

  1. Have a Board Games Night

    Board games, cards – whatever you want.  Get a few friends together or just your family and have a games night.  It can bring out the competitive side in everybody, but it’s good fun and a great way to pass away an evening.  Add some snacks and drinks to make it even better!

  2. Roast Marshmallows on a Fire Pit

    Ok, so technically if it’s raining I don’t think you’d like to be sitting outside roasting marshmallows. And this is also one of the cheesiest things you could probably think of, but on a dull, dreary evening lighting a fire pit, relaxing with friends or just putting on music and listening to the crackling of the wood (could this get any cheesier?!) is a really nice way to unwind. Not everybody has a fire pit, but just sitting outside watching the sun down is really relaxing and helps clear the mind.  If you really want to get in on the roasting marshmallows action but don’t have a fire pit, sure light a few candles – the same thing, right?!

  3. Go on a Mini Road Trip

    This is by far one of my favourite things to do.  Nothing excites me more than an adventure.  Adventures don’t mean you have to fly across the world or even leave the country, they can happen on your own back door.  I love exploring Kerry and all it has to offer.  I love going further afield up the country to see what’s on offer up there.  All you have to do is fill your car with petrol, update your iTunes and get ready for the adventure! If you’re going further afield and plan on doing so along – check out this post for 5 Top Tips on Travelling Alone.

  4. Take Your Dog to the Beach

    Again, this is also one of my favourite things to do.  You don’t have to have a dog, just go for a walk by yourself or with a friend instead.  Any time spent at the beach, for me anyway, is really therapeutic and being by the water, listening to the waves crash and collecting shells is what pure happiness is to me.  If you don’t live near a bitch, go to your local park and do the same.  Find your happy place and go there as much as you can.

  5. Learn Something New

    If you’re in school or college, the summer holidays can be full of excitement when you first get them.  3 months of no alarms and no homework, bliss!  But that can get boring pretty easily.  When you go back to school/college in September and all your friends are telling you how amazing their summers were, you don’t want to be that person that spent their whole summer inside on Facebook and Snapchat.  So pick up a new hobby, learning something new.  Buy a second-hand guitar and teach yourself the basics from YouTube tutorials.  Learn how to drive, start a YouTube channel or blog, read a book, learn how to build your own website – the possibilities really are endless, and with the advancement of the internet, you can get it all at the touch of a button for nothing!

There are lots to do, all you have to do is make a list, brainstorm and just go out and do it.  Having a rainy summer isn’t ideal, but you can make the most of it by planning, relaxing and DOING.  This will guarantee to make it a summer to remember!

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