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So, it’s been a while.  I hadn’t intended it to be this long before I updated you all on my ‘American Dream Adventure’.  If you’re just coming across this post without reading previous posts – Hi, what’s up?! My name is Zara, I’m almost 25 and I just packed up my life, moved across the world and set out to live the American Dream I’ve had since I was a child. How about you?

In all seriousness though, that is pretty much the facts of what and why I did what I did.  It’s been a rollercoaster, but here are my thoughts…

To be honest, I haven’t felt homesick yet, and that’s quite something coming from someone who hated sleepovers as a child because I hated being away from home.  But I really have loved my experience here so far.  I’m looking forward to getting a car soon, starting a job (more on that to come!) and properly settling into Autumn/Winter over here.  I do obviously miss Ireland, but not enough to contemplate coming home anytime soon.  If I could move my house, family, and friends over here, I probably wouldn’t go back.  It’s kind of always been that way for me.  On my first trip to America, about 15 years ago, I completely and utterly fell in love.  So in love that at the young age of only 10, I cried the whole plane journey back to Ireland because I didn’t want to leave – now that’s love!

Apart from that, Ireland just doesn’t have much to offer a twenty-something-year-old who doesn’t drink, like clubbing and the highlight of her week is (let’s be real) walking her dog and buying new cleaning supplies.  Ok, so that isn’t exactly the fault of Ireland, but my point is that the opportunities are pretty limited back home.  There’s not much going on job-wise, socially there isn’t much to offer for someone my age apart of the pub, and mentally, Kerry is a pretty small place and there are only so many times you can travel the same roads without feeling uninspired.

I spent 5 years in college working my arse off to get to somewhere like this.  I love what I do, but the whole creative sector wasn’t exactly buzzing in Kerry.  Some people still had that perplexed look on their face when I’d mention what I do.

“So, are you a teacher? A nurse?”

“No I’ve a Masters in Creative Media”

“Oh and what does that involve?”

“Lots of things really; film, design, TV, writing”


Now don’t get me wrong, I ADORE Kerry and although I’m obviously biased, it’s the most beautiful county in Ireland, but the walls started to close in, I started to feel under too much pressure to conform to the norm, too much pressure to be at a certain point in your life by a certain age.  In America, I don’t know anybody here, and though that may sound lonely (I have my days), I actually kind of love that.  Nobody really cares that I’m almost 25 and I’m not in the job of my dreams, with a jam-packed social life and all latest ‘must-have’ gadgets, to boot.

Nobody knows who I am, what my story is and what I can do. And to me, that’s the best bit.  I can shape this new reality into what I want it to be.  I can create whatever I want, no judgment or expectations, no pressure or performance needed, because it’s just me, and ‘just me’, is happy.

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