Most people that know me, know that I’m passionate about skincare.  I spend a fair bit of money on it and though my skin is far from perfect, I look after it pretty well and it isn’t too bad, I suppose! That said, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to have good skin. It all comes down to consistency and using the right products for your skin. In this post, I’ll be talking through the basic steps that I recommend should be in all routines.  Further on down the line, I’ll have separate posts reviewing products and discussing skincare in more detail.  But let’s just keep it simple for this one!


Always double cleanse when you’re wearing makeup. The first cleanse only gets off the surface layer, the second? Well that’s when all the good stuff happens! I recommend using an oil and muslin cloth for your first cleanse – it’s simple, feels good and is quick to get your makeup off with. For your second cleanse, using something suited to your skin type – balm, oil, milk, gel but NOT foaming!


I like to use two different toners. The first I call an acid toner, which replaces your manual beaded exfoliator. Something with Salicylic or Glycolic is good for spots. I love the First Aid Beauty Radiance Pads. Then, I follow it up with a toner that isn’t as harsh, something like La Roche Posay Serozinc – cheap and very cheerful!

Eye Cream

You put your eye cream on before serum – yup, you’ve probably learned to put it on after, but putting it on before allows it sink in to your skin better. Don’t apply it too close to the eye, around the orbital bone is sufficient as it will work it’s own way up to way it needs to be.  Don’t over do it because that can cause puffiness and/or milia – and that’s a pain in the **** to get rid of!


My favourite step! If you’re going to look after your skin, do it right. Have you been to River Island or even Penneys lately? Seen a bag that you love and are about to fork over €€’s for it? Stop! Spend that money on your serum. My favourite treatment serum is Sunday Riley’s Good Genes. It’s basically magic in a bottle and you’ll notice a difference the morning after you use it. It’s pricey at over €100, but your skin is for life, that Penneys bag will probably fall apart in the next 3 months!


This is a step everybody knows and you can’t really go far wrong with many moisturisers on the market. If you can spend the money, do. If not, buy something to suit your budget and you’ll be fine! Make sure it’s hydrating enough and even if you have oily skin NEVER skip moisturiser, your skin only ends up producing more oil to make up for what’s missing.


Alongside serum, oils are another firm favourite of mine. Many people with oily skin tend to run for the hills when anybody mentions an oil. Slow down, reverse.. it won’t kill you! In fact, I guarantee if you’re applying and removing it correctly, you’ll see the world of difference. You see, when our skin is stripped of oil (by using the likes of a foaming cleanser), not only does it affect the PH levels in our skin, but your skin ends up producing more oil so that it feels nourished. By using oil it’s basically like feeding the oil you have just enough so that it doesn’t over produce to make up for what’s lost. My favourite oil is Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil. It contain Blue Tanzy which is a natural anti-inflammatory. Luna contains Retinol, but unlike most, this Retinol is called contains Retinol Esther. Retinol is a powerful ingredient, but your skin typically gets really bad before it gets good. With Retinol Esther, it still gives you all the good bits, but skips the nasty purging stage. A win-win! Again, it’s pretty expensive at about €110, but like Good Genes, you’ll notice a different the next morning!

Body, Hands and Neck

Many people have a great routine when it comes to the skin on their face. But don’t forget your neck, body and especially hands. Hands show ageing a lot quicker so keep them moisturised and treat them just like you’d treat your face!


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